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  Francis Lickerish
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  What turned Francis Lickerish into a virtuoso guitarist? With a name like that, what else was he going to become? Raised in a family of musical misfits, he escaped the influence of formal schooling, reckoning education to be simply a trick to deceive the unwary.

The man and the music are both, so to speak, from the Outside - inhabiting the spiritual equivalent of Sherwood Forest. World music from the land of Albion - giving voice to the ghosts of the Greenwood. Echoes from pagan times - echoes that cannot be heard or comprehended by just anybody.

Mister Lickerish is not without pedigree or provenance, harking as he does from the halcyon days of hippydom. Long ago he blazed a trail with whimsical cult pioneers The Enid, but slipped away into the eighties - to wander the world on a quest that led from the plains of Spain to the high Himalayas and home again.

The new century found him back in Avalon and the lost lands in the heart of England. And with that fresh beginning came new whispers, rumours, songs and stories from copse and hedgerow. Tunes that had mellowed and matured - blending blend rich experience with an eternal sense of wonder - at the still point of the turning world.

His new album Far And Forgot - From The Lost Lands has been lovingly crafted and long in the making - listen at leisure and prepare to be bewitched.
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